Saturday 25 July 2020

Newhanga Community Centre Paraparaumu

Regenerative Agriculture

9am – 1pm 

Regenerative Agriculture is essential for soil health, learn more with Jules Matthews, facilitator Integrity Soils.

Regenerative Agriculture is also known as Biological Agriculture, Holistic Ag, Ecological Agriculture, Natural Intelligence, Eco-Agriculture, Natural Farming, Humus/Carbon Farming…

Regenerative agriculture is a ‘proactive’ approach. There are no silver bullets here or one road to Rome, but programs based on observation, ecological principles and regenerative land management practices. It covers a wide range of approaches, tools, and the thinking required to build soil and ecosystem health, food quality, and profitability. You can call it what you want. We call it common sense.

Whichever label you wish to apply to this form of production; it provides a progressive future-focused approach to growing healthy food; one which is rapidly growing across the world. Regenerative agriculture offers many benefits to food and fibre production, society and the environment, showing it is possible to have your cake and eat it too!

Jules Matthews is committed to the growing of nutrient dense food through regenerative practices, and brings with her a lifetime of experience in farming in a diverse number of sectors; extensive and intensive sheep and beef, large and small scale organic produce, dairy farming, multi-enterprise farming, and diverse, direct marketing farming.

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Ditch Single Use Plastic

9:30 – 10:30am  

Plastic free with me! Would you like to ditch single use plastic packaging but think it’s too tricky? Let me show you where to start!

My family and I have lived single use plastic free for over three years now and I’d love to empower you to try this too. Come along for a fun, informing, solutions based presentation filled with practical solutions for living with ease without plastic. Share your own solutions too and walk forward with a new sense of personal power on why you want to live with less plastic and how that is achieved in a cost effective, workable way.

Presented by Rachel Benefield

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Less Meat – Less Heat

10 – 11:30am

Meat free meals are easy and fun when you know how to increase the amount of veges on your plate, join us to learn more.

Less meat in our diets means less heat for our planet, learn how to incorporate meat free meals at your dinner table. Bring along any veges you would like to learn how to prepare and increase your vege intake.

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Climate Change – What Can We Really Do?

1 – 2:30pm 

Climate change – What can we really do? – More than you think! It doesn’t matter where you start, just start! Join us to share ideas.

What can we do as individuals, as community members and as part of our wider responsibility to our planet to improve our climate change behavior. What are we doing that is working? Is it working? Share your thoughts and strategies over a cuppa with James Renwick and lets just get on with it.

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Coastal Adaptation: Community Assessment Panel(s)

3 – 4 pm 

Learn more about the Coastal Adaptation community assessment panel process and how we can work together to consider issues and options.

The Community Assessment Panel approach involves community members coming together to consider the issues and options around Coastal Adaptation and making recommendations back to Council decision makers

The panel(s) will represent a cross-section of our community and will help develop solutions. They will meet regularly to consider the coastal hazards and risks we face, review a range of adaptation options, assess cultural, social and economic impacts and make recommendations to Council. Come along and learn more.

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