Takutai Kāpiti: Climate change and our coast Summit 2020

“I want to thank all those that joined us at the Summit to share what we know and discuss how we move forward together as a coastal community.”

– Kāpiti Coast District Mayor K Gurunathan.

Takutai Kāpiti: Climate Change and our Coast Summit was a one-day community event where we kick-started the conversation with you on the challenges climate change will bring to our coastline.

The Summit was an opportunity for Kāpiti to hear from national and local leaders and climate experts about the challenges ahead. This was followed by a community event that combined entertainment, food, and interactive opportunities to learn more about how to be involved.

The Summit launched a new approach to exploring how we want to adapt as our coastline changes over time. This is a significant community engagement project that aims to encourage and empower our communities to become more aware of the impacts of climate change and sea level rise, and to take part in developing solutions and pathways for adapting to coming change.


The conference included presentations from key speakers on climate change, coastal adaptation and building resilient communities.

The community event Included food, entertainment for all ages, music, stalls, and informal opportunities to learn more about climate change on our coast and how to become involved in the Takutai Kāpiti project.


Koro Don and Mayor Guru

Councillor Sophie Handford

Professor James Renwick

Professor Bruce Glavovic, Dr Aroha Spinks and John Lucas speaking on the Panel Session, facilitated by the Rt Hon James Bolger.

Minister for Climate Change, James Shaw

Tim Costley on behalf of Hon Scott Simpson

Coastal Manager, Lyndsey Craig

Summit community event speakers

Our speakers tent was hosted by Councillor Handford and provided opportunities to hear presentations from:

  • David Yockney: Low Carbon Kāpiti
    • a Kāpiti grassroots community organisation, working for more action to reduce the causes of climate change.
  • Leigh Ramsey: Energise Ōtaki
    • a charity wanting to empower the Ōtaki community to become a net producer of clean energy.
  • Aurelie Bray & Caleb Lopes Sanchez: Kāpiti Coast District Council Youth Council
    • a group of rangatahi aged 14-24 years who act as a voice for Kāpiti’s young people
  • Shar Davies ART Rongoa collective
    • A collective focusing traditional Māori wellness drawing from nature and Māori customs.
  • Rob Cross: Kāpiti Coast District Council (Programme Manager Biodiversity)
    • Manages dune restoration programmes that engage with many community groups and individuals across the district.
  • Alison Lash: Kāpiti Climate Change Action Group
  • Dr Iain Dawe: Greater Wellington Regional Council Senior Policy Advisor (Hazards and Coasts).
  • Suze Keith: Greater Wellington Regional Council Advisor-Climate Change
  • Terry Creighton: Kāpiti Coast District Council Sustainability and Resilience Advisor
  • QA Panel session:
    • Professor James Renwick, Professor Bruce Glavovic, Dr Aroha Spinks, John Lucas. Stephen Daysh: Facilitator (Mitchell Daysh)
  • Takutai Kāpiti: coastal adaptation project:
    • Stephen Daysh: Mitchell Daysh
    • Lyndsey Craig: Kāpiti Coast District Council Coastal Manager
    • Coastal Project Co-design workshop members