Ōtaki community workshop feedback [PDF, 2 MB]

Summarises community responses from a community values workshop for the Northern Adaptation Area. Hosted by the Panel in Ōtaki on 24 September 2022.

Draft Planning Memorandum #1 [PDF, 1 MB]

Summarises the coastal hazard planning documents, policies, and obligations on councils the Panel needs to consider when making decisions. This document is provided in a draft form as it will most likely be updated with changes to the planning framework occurring in parallel to the Panel’s work.

Confirming MCDA Criteria and Longlist, CAP meeting 22nd July 2022 PDF, 2 MB]

Coastal hazards public information event presentation, 23 July 2022 [PDF, 2 MB]

Coastal Hazards Adaptation Decision Making Framework presentation, June 2022 [PDF, 3 MB]

Awa, Consultants – Kāpiti Flood Modelling Rebuild, CAP meeting 11 March 2022 [PDF, 2 MB]

An overview of updates to Kāpiti Coast District’s flood hazard models

Jacobs – Adaptation and prioritisation, CAP meeting 30 March 2022 [PDF, 2.8 MB]

This presentation covers adaptation areas, prioritisation of these areas, steps involved in preparing adaptative pathways, and examples of these steps from other projects in New Zealand

Jacobs – SLR effects on groundwater, CAP meeting 30 March 2022 [PDF, 8 MB]

This presentation covers the inland limit of SLR effects on groundwater and on surface water flooding. (NB: The model outputs are preliminary and for illustrative purposes only)

Jacobs – peer reviewers and AR6, CAP meeting 11 March 2022 [PPTX, 1 MB]

This presentation and summarises impacts of the AR6 results on the Jacobs Report findings and introduces the Report’s peer reviewers.

James Renwick, VUW – The Physical Science Basis, CAP meeting 11 March 2022 [PPTX, 14 MB]

An outline of the physical science basis for climate change, produced by the IPCC AR6 Working Group 1

John Lucas, ICNZ – Insurance Considerations, CAP meeting 11 March 2022 [PPTX, 80 KB]

Insurance considerations for communities facing coastal hazards